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Dual DPL

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The Newest Technologies That Used in Hair Removing 

What is Dual DPL-Light

  • Dual DPL– Light is the one that combined the IPL and RF technologies to achieve the results by working in the dermal skin layer and the connective tissue for it will stimulate rebuild and the growth of collagen in different depth. 
  • When the handle with two technologies combined is working on the skin and the skin will have a selective absorption of light so the pathological skin tissues in the dermal and epidermal skin layer will create “Photothermal” effect.
  • Dual DPL–Light using the technology is far advanced than the traditional IPL, so it can have the pathological tissues absorb more energy in the dermal and epidermal skin layer to achieve a better result without harming to the skin.

Dual DPL-Light Functions
  • Hair removal: Permanent hair removal, unwanted hair in the body (hair in the growing period) including the fine hair with shallow color.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Mainly for skin brightening, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, tiny vascular removal.

Working Principle
  • Dual DPL–Light is one of the newest technologies that used in hair removing for the intense pulse light that has been filtered.
  • It can easily be absorbed by the melanin in hair and the hair follicle, and then transferred into heat and the heat will heat up the hair and hair follicle in a fast speed when the temperature is up to 60°C and above.
  • The hair will stop growing and the cells in the hair follicle will be dead, gradually the hair will fall out after the treatment.
  • New hair will grow in a slow speed and fewer hair will grow out and the color of hair will be shallow till all the hair is removed. 

Treatment Parameter

Wavelength 640-1200nm
Intensity of energy IPL 1-50 J/cm²£¬RF 1~25 J/cm³£¬OPT 1-50 J/cm²
Pulse number 1 - 5
Pulse width DPL- light£º50 - 2500ms£»OPT£º1 ~ 10 ms
Pulse delay DPL- light£º1 ~ 5s
Repetition 1 - 5s
Spot size DY: 10*50mm  XY: 8*25mm
Cooling system Semiconductor cooling / Inner water circulation system and Fan cooling system.
Input power AC 110V/220V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Machine power 1500W

Dual DPL-Light  Accessories List

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