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Diode Laser

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Rescue Your Beautiful With Hair Removal Device

What is Diode Laaer
  • Diode Laser is a semiconductor device similar to a light-emitting diode (LED). It uses p-n junction to emit coherent light in which all the waves are at the same frequency and phase.
  • Diode Laser used the TEC (ThermoElectric Cooler) and Sapphire Technology to cool down the treated skin
  • Diode Laser emits high technology with patterns and strict standards so this can be applied in the hair color from dark to grey, skin color types from white, yellow to light brown.
Working Principle
  • Diode laser machine is making use of this specific laser wavelength 808nm and make the melanin as the target to selectively work on the hair follicle, and rise the temperature inside of it so as to damage the hair follicle and hair growing place.
  • When the melanin absorb the laser light, the photo-thermal effect can selectively damage the hair cells, so the hair is permanently remove at the same time it will not damage the normal tissue around the treated skin.
  • It can also have the effect of refined skin pores and smooth skin texture.
  • Laser wavelength 808nm can penetrate to the skin depth of its target tissue ( hair papilla) with suitable and lasting time of pulse to heat up. the target tissue while the surrounding tissue of treated area will be affected cause when the right amount of energy works.

Medex Diode Laser Advantages

  • Safe, Fast permanent & painless
    Suitable for hair removal of all skin type with effective results

  • Super Cooling System 
    Ensure the machine non-stop working

  • Quick Treatment 
    Up to 10Hz repetition rate with 12mm* 12mm spot size, provide a fast in motion treatment and high efficiency and speed

  • Water Level Sensor
    To prevent the affection of cooling effect by lack of water

  • Water temperature sensor
    To avoid reduction of laser’s service life and skin cooling

  • Water flow sensor
    To prevent the laser and the TEC from fatal injuries caused by lack of water

Treatment Parameter Guideline

Parts Energy Frequency
Lips hair 12 - 20 1 - 3
Armpit hair 10 - 23 3
Limbs hair 15 - 28 3 - 5
Bikini hair 10 - 20 1 - 3
Hair line 15 - 25 1 - 3
mustache 10 - 25 1 - 3

*Practical operation can be adjusted according to the reaction of patient

Treatment Process

During The Treatment Procedure


  1. This machine or the treatment procedure should be operated by the operator with well trained and experienced. Do not operate this machine if not an expert.
  2. Both patient and operator should wear a pair of protective glasses to avoid any accident.
  3. Please be noted that this is a laser machine with high energy and if the patient feels painful and please stop and check if there is reaction on the skin and adjust the energy that is acceptable and bearable to the patient.
  4. Skin color plays an important role in the treatment and for people with white skin and it should use higher energy to achieve a better result, however for the people with darker skin and one should lower the energy to prolong the treatment time to make sure that enough energy is apply to the skin and hair follicle.
  5. Patient should trimmed off the hair before treatment.
  6. The scanning mode is recommended to shorten treatment time and efficiency
  7. Need to wait a few minutes for the cooling system to run.
  8. Hand-piece should contact to the skin during the treatment and operator can also use the aluminum sides to cool down the skin.
  9. Do not expose the laser directly to the eyes or look at it.
  10. Pay attention to the customer reaction
After Treatment Care


  1. After the hair is removed, please do not use product with scrub, alcohol and antiperspirant product while taking shower and the water temperature should be warm but not hot and do not rub and scratch
  2. Please do not go to sauna room, swimming pool or beach within one week after the treatment 
  3. Please do not use makeup or skin care product with Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Vitamin C or Whitening  ingredients
  4. The treated area may have mild red and swelling, as the skin may become sensitive, feels hot and itching after the treatment. If feels unbearable please use ice bag to relieve the pain.
  5. Do not expose to the sun. Please use sun protection with high SPF; e.g SPF50+
  6. Please keep the treated area dry and clean. Do wear clothes that is clean and not to tight make it ventilated and dry
  7. Pay attention to what to eat and do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarette nor should one eat spicy food and do eat some vitamin C

Those Who Should Bot Receive Tohis Treatment
  1. Those who has Keloids scar history and who is allergic and the body can get scar easily is not allow to receive the treatment.
  2. Those who suffers from hepatitis, syphilis and with infectious skin should not take the treatment.
  3. Blood disease and clotting mechanism malfunction and those who are in the period are not allow  to take this treatment
  4. Those who took vessel expansion drug and anti joint pain drugs are not suggested to receive the treatment.
  5. Those who took 13-cis-retinoic acid in the past six months should not do this treatment.
  6. Those who received other ways of hair removal(like wax) in the past six weeks are not suggested to do the treatment.
  7. Those who has exposed to the sun or is about to expose to the sun are not suggested to receive the treatment.
  8. Those who with serious wounds are not suggested to receive this treatment.
  9. Those with infectious wounds are not advice to do this treatment.
  10. Those who has skin disease and epilepsy are not suggested to do this treatment.

Technical Parameter

Power of optical Maser 1200W
Cooling way for optical Maser Heat conduction
Type of laser 808nm semiconductor laser
Wave length 808± 10nm
Pulse width 10ms - 100ms
Repetition 1Hz - 10Hz
Maximum energy 75 J/ cm²
Laser spot 12mm * 12mm
Temperature 5 - 28íŠ
Handle speed 2 - 3L/min
LCD screen 8’ Touch LCD
Water tank External water tank
Input voltage 220VAC / 50-60Hz


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